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Bill Dorrance
Leslie Desmond

Verlag: Diamond Lu Productions
ISBN Nr: 1-892578-00-X

“Good horsemanship is handed down from one friend to another. I’m in hopes that people are going to find this book real useful.”

--Bill Dorrance

January 19, 1906 - July 20, 1999

Bill Dorrance, life-long rancher and horseman, has left behind a rare and cherished legacy which, for  many, has become an illumined road to better horsemanship. Before his passing on July 20, 1999, Bill was able to breathe new life into the horse industry with the publication of his book, True Horsemanship Through Feel. This book is a step-by-step, how-to guide to being -- not only with horses, but with ourselves as well. Bill’s way is gentle. It is effective.

“This is something anyone can learn, but there’s three things that are needed..."

  • a real strong desire
  • enough time
  • a good instructor